Complete Payroll Service

Running your own payroll can be risky and time-consuming. With Integrity Payroll Accounting, you can be confident in receiving an accurate payroll for your business that adheres to the latest tax rates and regulatory information. Get the accuracy and peace of mind you deserve to take your business to the next level.

What do we do?
Your needs are our top priority. Each pay period, we process regular hours and earnings to employees and contractors. We calculate federal, state, and local taxes for multiple states.

Our payroll input system is flexible. You can fax, call or e-mail and have access to update employee information from your own computer.

Live Checks and Direct Deposit:
We send compensation directly to the employee’s bank account.

Employers have access to all payroll reports online in case they don’t want to have hard copies or emailed reports.

Employees can:

  • have up to 3 separate direct deposit accounts in different financial institutions
  • Split their earnings, depositing a portion directly and the remainder by paper check

You may receive a sealed employee payroll statement by email with the details on earnings, deductions, and other information.

Tax Filings:
It is easy to make tax filing mistakes when completing a payroll. Integrity Payroll Accounting handles the details to make sure your payroll follows state and local tax regulations. Let us relieve your burden while you rest easy.

We produce quarterly and year-end payroll tax filings and process associated payments.

Garnishments and Levy Deductions:
Integrity Payroll Accounting also makes sure that you process garnishments within the law. We simplify the process and streamline payment to the proper agency by either paper check or electronic funds transfer, calculating accurate wages and making deductions.

Online Benefits:

New Hire Reporting
Because of our records of pertinent employee data, Integrity Payroll Accounting can assist you with New Hire Reporting compliance automatically as an additional service of our high‐precision payroll processing.

Although Integrity Payroll Accounting does not provide access for clients to do payroll online completely by themselves, they can still have access to enter new employees and update employees personal information online.

When an employer hires (or rehires) an employee, they are required by Federal law to report the new employee to a designated state agency. All states must conform to a set of minimum standards for the information that must be reported such as the new hire’s name, address, and Social Security number. They must also report the employer’s name, address and federal employer ID number.

Vacation/Sick Accrual Reports
Integrity Payroll Accounting keeps track of paid time off for employees. With Integrity Payroll Accounting, you can customize a set of accruals by a classification of your choosing (department, division, etc). The system monitors the paid time off and generates reports on a calendar or fiscal year basis.

Paperless Payroll
If you prefer to have payroll reports online instead of hard copies or emailed reports, you can opt for paperless payroll. Reduce the hassle of distribution and delivery expenses and receive expedient service at a lower cost.

Fast delivery service
For those who prefer a hard copy of their payroll reports, next-day delivery is available to any location California. If it is more convenient, payroll pick-up is available at our local office as well.

Workers’ Compensation
With Integrity Payroll Accounting, there is no room for estimation. We offer an accurate premium calculation based on current payroll. After you assign a Class Code to each employee, our system makes a calculation based on current payroll dollars and rates.

Year‐End Reporting: W3/W2s
Integrity Payroll Accounting provides year-end tax documents on an efficient and orderly basis.

After-the-Fact Payroll Services
Your payroll information and records in our data files help ensure that you receive IRS, state tax reporting, and EFTPS tax deposits without stress or worry.


    ElizabethCFO, Pathways for Children
    I’ve been in my position a year and you folks are my favorite vendor — your team is terrific and I’m very impressed with what your platform allows for Reporting and how you’ve supported ACA compliance.
    Elizabeth-1CFO, Pathways for Children
    I’ve been in my position a year and you folks are my favorite vendor — your team is terrific and I’m very impressed with what your platform allows for Reporting and how you’ve supported ACA compliance.